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5 Baking Business Ideas Besides Bakery

Jumat, 08 Februari 2019

Aktualita.co -   Do you love to bake and starting to think about having a business? If your answer is yes, you will love this article too.

When you love baking and think to run a business, you don’t have to think that you must open a bakery. There are so many baking business ideas besides opening a bakery. Try these:

Gift basket service

You can join with florist near your house and gift basket artisan to run this idea. In this gift basket, you can put mini cakes, cookies, or a premix ingredient for brownie in jar.

Artisan dog treats

Do you know that pets can enjoy specialty-baked goods? Create dog or cat treats then sell it to pet store. For dog, remember to not put chocolate in that baked goods.

Baking supplies store

Baking supplies store is like a heaven for bakers, especially if you sell complete products with reasonable price. Any kind of baking tools, pans, cake board, flour, packaging, and other essential baking supplies will be your saleable products.

Baking teacher

You can teach directly to your student’s home or in a baking studio. Expand your teaching with make an online course. Share your expertise with students from other areas.

Food blogging/vlogging

Update your followers with new content and recipes. Add some baking tips, taste test, and giveaway for your followers. Or maybe one day you can bake a cake with your followers.

Those business ideas will be successful if you do it right. To learn more how to do business in right and correct way, a business degrees Singapore will guide you. SIM Global Education is a university for business in Singapore. SIM Global Education will give you the best business lesson programmes. It has over 80 programmes with 70 clubs and student councils, which you can choose based on your passion.